Website wiped

My website was wiped clean after a commercial WordPress back-up/restore tool failed to restore my website. I was hunting down a bug and I needed to restore my website. I had already made a full back-up about an hour earlier. Unfortunately, the tool failed and I lost all of my content.

My web hosting service tried their best to restore my site, but their latest useable back-up was much too old. If you are looking for my articles or information products, I don’t know when I’ll have them available again.

The good news is that I found the bug in a different commercial WordPress plug-in, notified the developer, and received a fix within a day.

I am now using the Automatic WordPress Backup plug-in, which saves everything to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) online storage facility. The plug-in is free and the AWS is dirt cheap. You can sign-up for AWS here. I don’t get any affiliate commission, because their service is so cheap (literally pennies per month).