Website restored (again)

I must be cursed. I tried a few real estate plug-ins from that totally killed my website. The culprits are:

  • Firestorm Real Estate Plugin
  • Great Real Estate Plugin
  • Simple Real Estate Pack

When I say “killed”, I mean “KILLED”. I had to delete the website content and database, and manually restore everything from a back-up.

My Automatic WordPress Backup plug-in also failed to restore, even though the back-up file contained everything. I had to re-learn how to restore my database with the sql file.

The whole effort took about 4 hours and a few years off my natural lifespan. So frustrating to work with bad software on every level.

You never see that kind of poor quality software engineering on an IBM mainframe.

Well, my website seems to be running fine again.

“If houses were built the way software is built, the first woodpecker to come along would destroy civilization!”