Wholesaling Basics

I just wanted to write a quick blog about wholesaling basics. As I define it, wholesaling is buying and selling properties below retail market value (i.e., at a discount). It is a great way to start making money in real estate. Just find a motivated seller, hopefully with a distressed property for sale, get that property under contract, then wholesale sell that contract to a wholesale buyer for quick cash.

Whether you want to use a Hard Money lender or a private financier with a self-directed retirement account, you can start making money by wholesale selling contracts on rehab properties. You don’t need your own cash or personal credit. The property itself serves as full collateral for the financing. I’ll show you how to analyze the property, whether for fix and sell, or for fix and rent with refinancing. I’ll show you how to present the deal to the seller, to the private financier, to the hard money lender, and to the refinance lender.

You have no risk by wholesale selling properties to wholesale buyers, just your time and effort to find great deals and then sell those deals to eager wholesale buyers.

I really need professional wholesale sellers to find great deals for me!

Go to my online shopping website and learn how to analyze a wholesale deal and how to use specialized software to leverage your time. You can analyze deals in seconds and know immediately whether it is a winner or loser.

My software package provides the Microsoft Excel 2007 analysis spreadsheet for quickly analyzing the deal and calculating the maximum offer. My Microsoft Word 2007 professional mail merge templates present the deal in 1-page summaries with all of the numbers clearly explained. Go there now and get started wholesale selling properties for quick cash with no risk.