New Power Debt Plan Spreadsheet available now!

I just released my latest information product! I am sure you’ve heard of “Debt Snowball” and “Mortgage Accelerators”. If you are struggling with bad debt and don’t know how to dig yourself out of it, then this product is for you.

It is a Microsoft Excel 2007 spreadsheet. It has powerful macro software that calculates the optimal payment plan to eradicate your debt and save the most interest on your debt.

Forget about those high priced bogus mortgage accelerators.

This spreadsheet is all you need to take control of your bad debt and eradicate it with maximum savings on interest.

How much would you pay for a software product that can save thousands of dollars on interest and cut years off your debt burden? Would you pay $9? That’s right! It’s only $9 for immediate download. Check out the product page by clicking here.