The Infamous Reverse Mortgage

I just added a free PDF special report about the infamous “Reverse Mortgage”.

There are finance companies that are offering the “Reverse Mortgage” to seniors (at least age 62). Seniors with a substantial amount of equity in their residence are targets of this aggressive predatory loan. There are many “celebrities” who claim a reputation for financial literacy that are peddling this nonsense loan on television and the internet. I doubt they have done their “home work” on analyzing this stupid predatory loan.

Yes, I said it. A “Reverse Mortgage” is a stupid predatory loan. It preys on the elderly, who are mostly financially illiterate. The borrowers are stupid and the lenders are predators. Here are my reasons:

You can download the full report by clicking here.

This report ties into my “Introduction to Income Valuation and Syndication” course that you can find at That course explains how to be a professional syndicator to get paid to buy income property using Other People’s Money.