Tips Are Cheerfully Accepted!

Well, I’ve finally come to it. My costs are increasing for maintaining this website, adding features to my products, writing free articles and posting free YouTube videos.

The time has come to add a PayPal Donate button. I hoped it wouldn’t come to this, but times change. By the way, it’s not a donation, because it’s not tax deductible. That’s why I call it a Contribution. Sorry about that. This website is a for-profit venture that’s missing the key ingredient, profit.

I am not a real estate Guru. I try to provide meaningful educational information at an affordable price, often free, so that folks who are on a tight budget can get started with low risk. I rarely raise my product prices and I think they are still very affordable. I’ve added much more content over time and given out free updates to my loyal customers who have active 12-month subscriptions.

My main complaint about Gurus

I try to plug the holes that the real estate Gurus out there conveniently leave in their teaser products just to tempt you into buying their expensive upsell. I am not a Guru that squeezes folks for every last dime.

Very often, I see predators preying on financially illiterate people. The schemes are very savage and cruel, especially for young people. I see young couples attending the seminars of larcenous liars and wasting thousands of dollars that they definitely cannot afford to spend. The predators know that most people are usually maxed out on their credit cards. The first topic taught in the seminar is how to increase their credit card limit. The ulterior motive is to make room on the credit card so they can buy whatever is being sold at the seminar. These young couples are living paycheck to paycheck, probably raising very young children, and they get suckered into wasting their hard earned, precious money or getting trapped into an endless cycle of wasteful personal debt.

My mission for this website is to eradicate financial illiteracy.

For those who are just starting out, try asking a Guru to pay them a portion of your profits after you take the risk of starting up a new business. No way! The Guru want their payment now (and just read my blog post about sky high interest rates that Guru charge for their time payment plans).

How you can help fight back against the Guru

If you’ve bought my courses and made serious profit, then I will cheerfully accept any contribution that says “Thank you for changing my life!” You can even offer a recurring monthly contribution as a way of reminding me of your success!

If you haven’t bought any of my courses, then it’s not too late. Go to the products page and check them out. Remember, I offer a 60-day money back guarantee, a 12-month free update subscription with your purchase, and it’s 100% digital download (even at 3:00am!). My Real Estate courses are my most popular offerings.

Buy now, download now, get started now!

When you’re making good profits, please remember me and click that donate button.

Thank you very much for your support!