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Millions in Nothing Down Real Estate – 2020-12-09

2020-12-09a: Added MailMerge\VBA folder with the Email Blast UserForm form for dynamically generating mail merge templates and automatically emailing as PDF attachments through Outlook. Updated video library with Email Blast tutorial video.

2019-01-25a: General formatting and bug fixes.

2018-12-29a: General improvements to spreadsheets and the main e-book.

2018-08-22a: Minor editorial updates, minor cosmetic changes to some spreadsheets.

2018-07-10a: Editorial updates; more scripts.

2016-08-15a: Updates for MortgageOut.xlsx spreadsheet.

2016-06-27a: Minor updates for some spreadsheets. Added “Mortgaging Out” piece for getting paid with tax-free cash to buy an income property.

2015-06-07a: video tutorial to calculate the CAP rate and the Return on Equity for a given cost and structure of financing.

2015-06-04a: Added an example of flipping a nice house in a nice area using a wrap-around note to receive cash now, cash each month, and a large balloon payment without taking title to the property.

2015-05-28a: Updated IncomeAnalysisSummary.xlsx spreadsheet.

2015-05-08a: Added wrap-around note example for “mortgaging out” with cash to you and cash to the seller.

2015-04-02a: Added more details for Dodd/Frank for seller financing notes.

2014-12-06a: Minor clarifications and editorial improvements. Fixed a few typographical errors.

2014-11-07a: Minor content update.

2014-11-01a: Minor content update.

2014-10-29a: Fixed some minor formatting issues.

2014-10-28a: Fixed a few spelling errors, added some minor content.

2014-10-15a: Minor editorial changes.

2014-10-08a: Minor editorial changes.

2014-10-03a: Minor editorial changes.

2014-09-28a: Initial product launch.