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Power Debt Plan Spreadsheet – 2014-10-30

2014-10-30a: Added some free PDF files from the website.

2012-11-05a: Added ReverseMortgage.pdf in the Organize folder. This short report explains the problems with a Reverse Mortgage and how a professional syndicator can provide services for a far better benefit compared to a Reverse Mortgage. Added AmortizationTable.xlsm and ReverseMortgage.xlsm spreadsheets for generating the interest and principal tables.

2012-04-22a: Added video tutorial file to demonstrate adding a folder to the Microsoft Excel 2007 trusted locations.

2012-04-22a: Added a paragraph in the PowerDebtPlan_Help.pdf file describing how to add a folder to the Microsoft Excel 2007 trusted locations. The spreadsheet is macro-enabled and it must be saved in a trusted location to operate.

2012-03-25a: Added a few pages to the Quick Start guide about creating passive income assets.