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Property Analysis Worksheet Short Form – 2020-11-22

2020-11-22a: Added tutorial video for Email Blast software.

2020-11-16a: Added installation instructions in the Email Blast.pdf file in the MailMergeTemplates\VBA folder for installing the User Form for automating emails with Mail Merge PDF attachments.

2020-10-15a: Extensive improvements to the VBA ManagePDF.bas module, including a UserForm for generating PDF files and sending email through Outlook. The PDF files are generated and attached, supports field value substitution, and segregating groups of attachments by a selected mail merge field (usually used for grouping and emailing by an email address in the mail merge data record).

2019-09-30a: Update spreadsheets with Portfolio import to append the new data to the existing data, instead of replacing the existing data with the new data. If you want to replace the existing data, then click the Portfolio CLEAR button before the IMPORT button.

2019-01-25a: General formatting and bug fixes.

2018-12-29a: Consolidate all videos into a single download file.

2018-12-29a: General improvements to spreadsheets and mail merge templates.

2018-11-29a: Minor spreadsheet updates.

2018-11-29a: Removed the annoying SQL mail merge prompt from most of the mail merge templates.

2018-08-22a: Minor cosmetic changes.

2018-07-10a: Fix incorrect mail merge field option expiration date in short Option contract template.

2018-07-07a: PropertyAnalysisWorksheetShort.xlsm spreadsheet moved forward (to the left) the 4 presentation worksheets for easier tab clicking to “Save As” a PDF file. Also fixed the page breaks on the property pictures worksheets.

2018-06-18a: Add 16 pictures (total 24 pictures) to PropertyAnalysisWorksheetShort.xlsm spreadsheet and the corresponding InvestmentOpportunity.dotx mail merge template.

2017-11-16a: Internal code update to main spreadsheet.

2017-01-23a: SellerFinanceFlip.xlsm spreadsheet update Property Pictures worksheet to hold 8 pictures.

2017-01-23a: PropertyAnalysisWorksheetShort.xlsm spreadsheet update Property Pictures worksheet to hold 8 pictures.

2017-01-06a: Updated all spreadsheets that have BestBuyer and ProjectManager worksheets. Updates add 6 criteria fields for data filtering.

016-12-28a: Update PropertyAnalysisWorksheetShort spreadsheet. Add “PropertyPictures” worksheet to hold up to 6 pictures of the property. Includes buttons to find and insert a picture into the worksheet.

2016-12-28a: Update SellerFinanceFlip spreadsheet.

2016-10-19a: Add SellerFinanceFlip spreadsheet and mail merge templates. Includes a mini tutorial document describing how to flip a property with your seller finance note. You receive cash now, cash each month, and a cash balloon payment without the ownership risk.

2016-06-27a: Part of a massive update (132 templates spread over 3 products) for mail merge templates to support multiple data rows input. Fixed: Word mail merge uses section breaks between data rows, which messes up page number.

2016-02-13a: New video tutorial

2016-02-13a: Fixed bug in Portfolio controls build mail merge. Added Join button to join the Portfolio and Best Buyers data set entries for mail merge.

2016-01-10a: PropertyAnalysisWorksheetShort.xlsm spreadsheet added Parties worksheet, added BestBuyer worksheet, more cells on main sheet. Fixed a few macro errors.

2016-01-10a: Added several mail merge templates.

2015-07-28a: Updated IncomeAnalysisSummary.xlsx spreadsheet.

2014-10-29a: Removed duplicate folder from file.

2014-10-09a: PropertyAnalysisWorksheetShort.xlsm spreadsheet minor change to the “Save CSV” button macro.

014-08-26a: PropertyAnalysisWorksheetShort.xlsm spreadsheet added Return on Total Investment cell.

2014-05-14a: PropertyAnalysisWorksheetShort.xlsm spreadsheet adjusted some calculations on ProIncomeValuation worksheet. Adjusted RefinanceProposal worksheet to accommodate a “Subject To” existing debt purchase.

2014-05-08a: PrivateFinanciers.xlsm spreadsheet minor update to visual basic code.

2014-05-05a: PropertyAnalysisWorksheetShort.xlsm spreadsheet fixed a bug in the “Clear” button.

2014-04-11a: PropertyAnalysisWorksheetLetterOfIntent.dotx mail merge added to folder. This is a multi-page elaborate Letter of Intent that can be used for bank-owned commercial properties.

2014-03-28a: PropertyAnalysisWorksheetShort.xlsm spreadsheet improved the advanced Visual Basic macros ExportImport and SheetProtection modules.

2014-01-31a: PropertyAnalysisWorksheetShort.xlsm spreadsheet added Seller Data cells and mail merge fields.

2013-12-11a: PropertyAnalysisWorksheetShort.xlsm spreadsheet widened the broker information input fields.

2013-12-10a: PropertyAnalysisWorksheetShort.xlsm spreadsheet minor cosmetic changes regarding cash on cash calculation. The front end fee should be accounted in the entry costs grid, and the back end fee should be accounted in the exit costs grid. Use appropriate formula references.

2013-10-10a: PropertyAnalysisWorksheetShort.xlsm spreadsheet updated export macro to try to reduce redundant columns.

2013-10-05a: PrivateFinanciers.xlsm spreadsheet add export and import buttons to save and load the Private Financiers worksheet as a tab delimited text file.

2013-10-05a: PropertyAnalysisWorksheetShort.xlsm spreadsheet renamed the export and import macros, and moved them into a separate module.

2013-09-30a: PropertyAnalysisWorksheetShort.xlsm spreadsheet improved the MailMergeValuationExport and MailMergeValuationImport macros for advanced users. Removed the MailMergeValuationTextify macro. Export/Import still requires the user to copy manually any images or pictures.

2013-09-28a: PropertyAnalysisWorksheetShort.xlsm spreadsheet improved the MailMergeValuationExport macro for advanced users. The macro now prompts the user for text file save name and automatically saves the generated export worksheet as a tab delimited text file, then deletes the worksheet with prompting to the user (no way to stop the prompt). The macro and the Textify and Import macros are intended for advanced users to export/import the data cells to a new version of the spreadsheet.

2013-09-27a: PropertyAnalysisWorksheetShort.xlsm spreadsheet updated mail merge export, textify, import macros for advanced users. No changes to regular features.

2013-08-21a: PropertyAnalysisWorksheetShort.xlsm spreadsheet minor cosmetic update.

2013-08-06a: PropertyAnalysisWorksheetShort.xlsm spreadsheet update the Quick Turn Summary and Wholesale Opportunity presentation sheets to show how the Cash on Cash Return is calculated. This is how to get private financiers to invest in your project and beg you for more projects.

2013-07-20b: Minor fix to PropertyAnalysisWorksheetShort.xlsm spreadsheet.

2013-07-20a: new video tutorial discussing the new “Save CSV” button, and the Cash on Cash Return calculations in the PropertyAnalysisWorksheetShort.xlsm spreadsheet.

2013-07-19b: Minor fix to PropertyAnalysisWorksheetShort.xlsm spreadsheet.

2013-07-19a: Updated the PropertyAnalysisWorksheetShort.xlsm spreadsheet to calculate the Lender’s Cash on Cash Return. The calculations are displayed in the QuickTurnSummary and WholesaleOpportunity presentation worksheets.

2013-07-07a: Added “Save CSV” button to save the mail merge fields as a Comma Separated Values (*.csv) text file for import into Word mail merge. Microsoft Word cannot import directly more than 255 mail merge fields from Excel. There is no import limitation for a text file.

2013-07-02a: No functional changes. Initial preparation to re-organize VBA macros.

2013-06-16a: Moved the product files for “Wholesale Analysis for Quick Turn Properties” into the “Property Analysis Worksheet Short Form” product. The former product is discontinued.

2013-05-02a: Added mp4 video to demonstrate creating a mail merge document from the new templates. The new file name is for download.

2013-04-26a: Added mail merge templates for the PrivateFinanciers.xlsm spreadsheet.

2013-04-26a: Updated the PrivateFinanciers.xlsm spreadsheet.

2012-08-15a: PropertyAnalysisWorksheetShort.xlsm spreadsheet minor cosmetic update.

2012-08-15a: Updated the GeneralOption_RightToBuy contract in the FormsWholesale folder for more detail under the “Repairs” section.

2012-07-26a: Fixed the RefinanceProposal worksheet to include conditionally the detail lines for the exit costs on calculating the pay-off amount. This fix requires that you specify the rolled-in finance charge as a detail line in the exit costs.

2012-07-26a: Fixed IncomeValuation.dotx and ReFinancing.dotx mail merge templates to use Straight_Note_Principal, instead of Straight_Note_Balloon for the pay-off total. The balloon surplus is already accounted in the detail lines. This fix requires that you specify the rolled-in finance charge as a detail line in the exit costs.

2012-07-25b: Fixed a bug in the RefinanceProposal worksheet that was using the incorrect Straight_Note_Balloon, instead of the correct Straight_Note_Principal. The balloon surplus is already accounted in the detail lines.

2012-07-25a: Added a line for Miscellaneous Exit Cost in the IncomeValuation and ReFinancing mail merge templates, and in the RefinanceProposal worksheet.

2012-07-24a: Added cell names for the yellow input cells on the new presentation worksheet RefinanceProposal, and a drop-down pick list for the worksheet title.

2012-07-23b: Added a presentation worksheet RefinanceProposal to summarize the Annual Operating Data for the Pro-Forma Income Valuation. The new worksheet is used only for fix-and-rent projects, not fix-and-sell.

2012-07-23a: Minor update to DealNoteBook.xlsx spreadsheet on the ActionTaken worksheet to include a separate column for property City, just like the other worksheets.

2012-07-18a: Minor cosmetic update to the Special Report Strategic Real Estate Investing. The price of a property is composed of Debt and Equity. My terminology for the “Leverage to Price” was confusingly similar to the “Leverage Ratio” that is the reciprocal of the Equity to Value (ETV). I changed “Leverage to Price” to “Leverage to Debt” for more clarity. Otherwise, it is the exact same thing as the ratio of debt to equity.

2012-07-06a: Added several new forms to the FormsWholesale folder in the package. Included sample option contracts, master lease agreement, and a few others. Always have your attorney review and modify the forms to fit your situation.

2012-07-01b: Fixed a cosmetic problem in the presentation sheets.

2012-07-01a: Fixed a VBA macro bug for the CLEAR button on the PropertyAnalysisWorksheet sheet. The macro was trying to clear the PropertyName cell that was changed to read-only.

2012-06-30a: Added named cells for the property name, property street address, and the property city, state, zip. Changed PropertyAddress cell to a locked formula concatenation of the new cells. This is for compatibility with other mail merge templates that use the new names (not yet ready to be added to this product package). Existing references to PropertyAddress should work correctly.

2012-06-25a: Added video tutorial for adding a picture to a presentation sheet.

2012-06-25a: Added HomeInspectionChecklist.xlsx spreadsheet for projects that require more than simple cosmetic updating. Use one of these sheets for each property that you inspect.

2012-06-15a: Added some cell names on UnitMix worksheet.

2012-06-10a: Added some sample classified Ads in the Organize folder.

2012-06-09a: Minor update on the ProFormaIncomeValuation worksheet to change the average per-unit monthly gross rent to an output cell. Minor cosmetic updates to the presentation worksheets.

2012-06-04a: Added a cell on ProFormaIncomeValuation sheet for the per-unit gross monthly rental income. Specify the average per-unit monthly gross rent. The number of units is specified on the PropertyAnalysisWorksheet.

2012-05-28a: PropertyAnalysisWorksheetShort_Help.pdf in the Organize folder has more content regarding finding wholesale buyers and retail marketing of the finished property.

2012-05-26b: Added cell MAO_To_Ask_Ratio to show the ratio of the maximum allowable offer to the asking price. The Summary mail merge template is updated to display this ratio on the Asking Price line. Ideally, the ratio should be less than 80% for a small residential property and less than 70% for a commercial property.

2012-05-24a: Changed the “Reinstatement Cost” row to be a pull-down list to include “Short Pay-Off Senior Lien” and to allow the user to specify an alternative description. The mail merge templates in the MailMergeTemplates folder are updated accordingly. NOTE: If you want to use the updated mail merge templates on previous versions of the spreadsheet, then review the AdvancedUsers1 video tutorial on how to port from an old version to the latest version.

2012-05-23a: PropertyAnalysisWorksheetShort_Help.pdf file in the Organize folder has more content regarding short pay-off of over-leveraged properties.

2012-05-21a: Added more detail lines to the RepairEstimates worksheet.

2012-05-20a: Minor update to MailMergeTemplates. Added SampleAnalysis2 video tutorial. Updated the PriceJustification worksheet to remove the detail percentage values, which could lead the seller to calculate your expected profit.

2012-05-04a: Minor editorial changes in the spreadsheet Help PDF file.

2012-05-02a: Added rows to the Plumbing section of the RepairEstimates sheet. Changed the rounding formula on ProFormaIncomeValuation for Debt Present Value and Pro Forma Property Value cells to zero decimals.

2012-04-22a: Added video tutorial file to demonstrate adding a folder to the Microsoft Excel 2007 trusted locations.

2012-04-22a: Updated the quick start guide PDF file with a paragraph describing how to add a folder to the Microsoft Excel 2007 trusted locations.

2012-04-19a: Added PropertyAnalysisWorksheetWholesaleBrief mail merge template for generating a plain text email body for sending to wholesale buyers. Use Microsoft Word 2007 to generate the document, then copy-and-paste the message into your email. Attach the appropriate PDF documents, then send it to your list of wholesale buyers.

2012-04-18a: Added AdvancedUsers1 video tutorial to demonstrate the import and export macros. These macros are intended only for advanced users who can read and understand the comments in the macros, and who have expert knowledge of Microsoft Excel 2007. The porting process is tedious, but the macros are somewhat useful for porting data from an older version to a new version. You may need to open the new version of the spreadsheet, open the visual basic editor, then export Module1 and Module2. Then open your older version of the spreadsheet, open the visual basic editor, then remove the old versions of Module1 and Module2 (do not export the old modules), then import the new versions of Module1 and Module2. Update the visual basic modules in each older version of the spreadsheet that you want to port to the newer version. Then you can perform the porting process as described in the video tutorial.

2012-04-17c: Added some undocumented visual basic procedures (“macro”) to Module1 and Module2 to assist manually porting data between versions of the spreadsheet. The procedures are only for advanced users who can read and understand the comments in the procedures. The procedures won’t affect ordinary users.

2012-04-17a: Re-arranged some worksheet tabs to move leftward the more commonly used sheets, added conditional fractional formatting to the “baths” cells (e.g., enter 2.25 to show “2 1/4” baths). Added more content to the quickstart PDF guide. The PriceJustification and WholesaleOpportunity worksheets now copy the property summary description from the QuickTurnSummary sheet and the destination cells are locked. The PropertyAnalysisWorksheetShort.xlsm spreadsheet version “2” is deleted from the Spreadsheets folder to simplify maintenance.

2012-04-12a: A few minor cosmetic improvements to the WholesaleOpportunity sheet, the PriceJustification sheet, and the QuickTurnSummary sheet.

2012-04-10a: Added SampleAnalysis1 video tutorial to the download bundle.

2012-04-10a: Minor cosmetic change to the Lists sheet.

2012-03-31a: Added WholesaleOpportunity sheet.

2012-03-30a: Changed “Miscellaneous Entry Cost” and “Miscellaneous Exit Cost” label fields to drop-down pick lists and they allow overwriting with any text.

2012-03-27a: Fixed a circular reference on the QuickTurnSummary sheet.