How to Pyramid Your Equity to Create Wealth and Financial Freedom!


My name is Jeffrey Smith, and I am a real estate entrepreneur. Have you ever wondered how some folks can be super successful in real estate, while others are just barely earn a living and often fail to reach their full potential? I’ve seen many house flippers make fundamental mistakes and go out of business, while others seem to have that golden touch! I’ve spent the last few years digging deeply into learning about successful real estate entrepreneurs.

A very successful real estate investor told me this a few years ago, and I’ve never forgotten it:


You can earn a living as a real estate broker, but you can only create wealth and true financial freedom by investing in real estate.

Whether houses, apartment buildings, offices, warehouses, mobile homes, or anything else that stands on the ground and keeps the rain off of you, there really is a success formula for creating wealth and financial freedom!

Is your real estate business stuck in neutral? You can’t seem to crack the code for how to grow your cash flow and net worth each and every year? Has the so-called “bad economy” scared you away from real estate?

Maybe you are wholesaling contracts or renovating houses for resale? Are you following a systematic, realistic process for creating wealth? Or are you clueless and just wandering about, looking for any dilapidated house and hoping that you can flip it to someone who is more clueless? Maybe you know some folks who tried once or twice, lost their shirts and vowed never again to try to escape from the RAT RACE of a job they hate?

Are you tired of “real estate guru” promises of easy fortunes with no cash, no credit, and no work? Have you tried their phony seminars, bootcamps, mentoring and coaching, and you still can’t crack the code? I’ve seen young couples with small children, struggling paycheck to paycheck, who waste their hard-earned money on useless “up-sell” seminars. The first seminar is free and it teaches them how to increase their debt limit on their credit card, just so they can buy whatever junk is being sold at the back of the cheap hotel meeting room. They tell very inspiring stories like, “22 year old man, Joe Slow, earns $10,000 payday with only 12 minutes of his spare time wholesaling a contract!” That’s NONSENSE!

To earn paydays like that, you must have a repeatable business process that leverages a professional power team! Money doesn’t fall out of the sky just because you want it! The truly successful World Class Wealth Creator uses step-by-step systems and procedures in their real estate entrepreneurial enterprise. They transact to deliver value in exchange for money.


I’ve studied the ultra successful. I’ve learned from the true masters. There are so many ways to create wealth through real estate, and it’s more than just “making low-ball offers and getting the deal”. The World Class Wealth Creators create prosperity by delivering to society quality products and services.

True wealth comes to the World Class Wealth Creator as a side effect of creating prosperity for society. In a free society, anyone can be a World Class Wealth Creator. There is a fundamental secret to becoming a World Class Wealth Creator. The secret is incredibly obvious, yet nobody seems to focus on it. It all distills down to this:

  1. DECIDE that you ARE a World Class Wealth Creator.
  2. Do what the World Class Wealth Creators do.
  3. Then you’ll have what the World Class Wealth Creators have.

I can hear you saying, “Yeah, right! I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth!”

Remember this: I was NOT born with a silver spoon. I am just a grade “C” average high school graduate who is self-educated about financial literacy and wealth creation. I’ve worked very hard to learn the open secret about wealth creation. Yes, it’s an OPEN SECRET. It’s out there, everywhere. SUCCESS LEAVES CLUES!


World Class Wealth Creators are exceptionally driven, focused, and obsessed with creating wealth. Money is just the side effect of delivering to society quality products and services that increase prosperity for everyone. You can choose to be the next “Apple Computer” (creating products) or the next “Federal Express” (providing delivery services), or the next “Donald Trump” (constructing exquisite commercial and residential real estate). Just be sure that your choice SOLVES BIG PROBLEMS for as MANY PEOPLE as possible.

Consider this: Every night there are hundreds of infomercials on television selling all kinds gadgets that SOLVE PROBLEMS at the right price. These gadgets solve simple problems that millions of people have in common. Whether it is dog grooming, power washing your car, boiling eggs, or whatever, the fact is that hundreds of thousands of people buy these products. They see greater value in having that product compared to the price of that product. If you can deliver more value than the price you are receiving, then you are a World Class Wealth Creator.

Now apply that idea to real estate. Real estate has been around literally since rocks, dirt and caves were invented; long before the iPod, iPhone, iPad, iEtc, and the Ford Model T car. Real estate SOLVES BIG PROBLEMS for BILLIONS OF PEOPLE. Just keeping the wind, rain and snow off of you and your stuff is reason enough to pay for a roof over your head. Both residential and commercial real estate exist because it SOLVES BIG PROBLEMS for BILLIONS OF PEOPLE.

Maybe you don’t want to be the next “Donald Trump”, but you would be thrilled to have more money coming in than going out. Well my friend, guess what? That’s the DEFINITION OF WEALTH! More passive income than expenses. Let me put a very fine point on it: More PASSIVE INCOME than EXPENSES. Being “rich” is measured in dollars in your bank account. Being “wealthy” is measured by the time that you can continue to pay your expenses from your passive income. When you have more passive income than expenses, you are wealthy.


An “asset” makes money for you. A “liability” takes money from you. Are you working hard to earn money, then spending that money on liabilities or investing that money in assets? The best assets, in my humble opinion, are tax-sheltered passive income cash flow assets. Rental income properties, both small and large, are tax-sheltered passive income cash flow assets. Everyone wants a roof over their head.

Most of the great fortunes through-out history were created from income properties. Wealthy people acquire assets and then they use those assets to buy the liabilities (“toys”) that they want. So, they get more money coming into their bank account from their assets than they are spending on their liabilites. They are paying themselves to acquire toys with passive income! The very cool thing about this is that everyone can choose to be wealthy by acquiring passive income.


What’s passive income? It’s income that comes into your bank account, while you sleep, while you play, while you live your life to the fullest! How can you get that kind of passive income? The World Class Wealth Creators build or buy passive income cash flow assets by leveraging OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY, TIME and RESOURCES.

The difference between active income and passive income is simply this: When you stop working on your active income, that income stops. When you stop working on your passive income, your passive income continues. Lose your job and your paycheck (active income) stops, but not your passive income! World Class Wealth Creators create active income and then convert their active income into passive income (cash flow assets).

But I don’t have the time! (whine…sniffles)

Would you like some cheese and crackers to go with your whine? Just stop it right now! You have the same 24 hours per day as the World Class have. You can leverage other people’s time, as well as their money and resources. You can work a full time job and create your financial freedom by leveraging other people’s money, time and resources.

You would be very surprised at how much more time you have just by turning off the video games, the TV, the social media devices and websites, and email chatter. Just 2 hours of TV per weekday costs you 10 hours of productivity per week. Think about all of your time that is lost from unproductive and counter-productive social media, video games, and TV? There’s a time and place for everything, so clear away the non-productive distractions in your life. Learn to budget your time as well to budget your finances just like the World Class Wealth Creators have budgets and timeframes for everything they do.

When you learn to reprogram your thinking to emulate World Class Wealth Creators, then you will have the financial freedom to spend your limited time on this Earth however you want, with whomever you want, whenever you want. You simply need a Paradigm Shift in your thinking to trade other people’s money, time and resources instead of your own money, time and resources to create wealth and your financial freedom.


So what if you weren’t born with a silver spoon? Chances are that you know someone who knows someone that has a silver spoon, either born with it or they earned it by building or buying assets. I can teach you the simple question to ask anyone that unlocks all the money you need from PRIVATE FINANCIERS to finance your World Class Wealth Creation business!

Sure, you know that wholesaling and rehabbing houses can make a lot of money, but when you stop working that business your income also stops. Are you unsure how wholesaling or house flipping can unlock unlimited wealth creation and financial freedom? How can you turn, say, a $6,000 contract assignment fee (active income) into $33,000 per month of tax-sheltered passive income?

It all starts with a paradigm shift in your thinking. Stop thinking in terms of trading your time for a paycheck. Instead, think in terms of solving more problems for more people. After you reprogram your thinking, then become an expert in your chosen profession.

Let me give you a brief example of how your thinking affects your reality. I watched a 1-hour documentary television show. It was about a middle class couple who decided to try living on minimum wage jobs for 30 days. They started with minimum cash of about $1,000. Their first major expense was renting an apartment for $500 for 1 month. Half of their “nest egg” was instantly gone, and they had to sleep on the stained carpet in a cold, bug-infested vacant apartment (I’ve been there and done that!). They got minimum wage jobs. She got a job serving coffee at Starbucks. He got a job as a day laborer, sharing a ride with another laborer in a very old, beat-up clunker car. They both worked very hard for very meager paychecks, after the government took its whopping taxes.

They were literally counting their pennies each day to decide how much to spend on food. After two weeks, they found a charity that was donating furniture to the needy. So they got a few chairs and a small table. Then they both got sick and injured, and they had to find limited health care at free clinics. By the end of the month, they had blown their budget with frivolous spending and unexpected medical costs, and they had no way to pay the next month’s rent. Fortunately for them, that was the end of their “experiment” of living on minimum wage.

It was a very touching story about the plight of the working poor, but the producers missed a very important point. At the end of the 30 days, they chose to go back to their middle class lifestyle. How can someone just choose to leave a minimum wage life and upgrade to the middle class? How can someone choose to upgrade from middle class to world class? It’s quite simple to explain, but quite difficult for most folks to grasp. You must reprogram your thinking to a new reality that matches your chosen profession and lifestyle. Then educate yourself about your chosen profession. Remember, I said “SUCCESS LEAVES CLUES.” Learn how successful people achieved their success by learning what they learned, then applying that acquired knowledge to achieve the same success.


Is it really that simple? There is more educational information available through the internet than our civilization can absorb. You can go to a public library and get free access to the internet (and to the books, of course). You can use their free computers and save your work on an inexpensive “thumb drive” that you plug into the computer. You can learn for free at a public library how to use Microsoft Word and Excel from online tutorials, and you can save your work on a cheap thumb drive to take home.

Many employers have entry level training programs that actually pay people to learn trade skills. Or you can offer to work as a part-time intern for free to learn the business from inside.

So don’t tell me that you cannot become an expert for lack of education. Education is available and much of it is free or very inexpensive. You can do this incrementally in “baby steps” if necessary. Decide how high you want to go in your life, then write a roadmap for your success, and then JUST DO IT!

The other part of the equation is having a passion for your chosen profession. If you don’t love your chosen profession, then you’ll live a life of quiet misery, yearning for something better. It doesn’t have to be that way!


As Donald Trump often says, “You must love what you do.” That means whatever you do for a living, you must love doing that. It does NOT mean “do what you love.” I love eating chocolate, but I cannot earn a decent living eating chocolate. I love real estate finance, and that is a profession with literally no upper limits on income. I am crunching the “money numbers” on a spreadsheet in the comfort of my office, and then organizing my team of professionals to do what they do best. I don’t wield a paint brush nor swing a hammer. I factor in the costs to hire other people to do that work.

Yes, there are problems when managing people and projects. If you are alive, then you will have problems. Financial Freedom doesn’t eliminate your life’s problems, it just makes the problems easier to manage and easier to solve.

When you are financially free, most of your life’s problems can be solved by writing a check. Your most common problem is having too much money. How to spend it, how to invest it, how to donate it? Would you like to have the kind of problems that come with having too much money or too little money? Just choose!

My passion is for real estate finance, because in every transaction there are 3 parties:

  1. The Buyer.
  2. The Seller.
  3. The Financier.

Often, the Buyer is also the Financier for small transactions. For larger transactions, there is always a Financier that facilitates the transaction, like a lender or an equity participant. Even the Seller can benefit from providing financing to the Buyer! This is true for every industry.

I chose real estate, and specifically residential (small and large) rental income properties, because that is how I can express my love of real estate finance. I can’t wield a paint brush or swing a hammer for construction, but I know how to hire people who are experts at construction.

I want to build a business where I am as close to the money as possible. I don’t want to grow and harvest potatoes. I don’t want to be a car mechanic. I don’t want to hire highschool drop outs to flip hamburgers. I don’t want to sell products that are made in Asia by child labor. I can’t be an entertainer, because I dance with two left feet and I sing like a frog. That means I need a business model that lets me organize a team of professionals to do what they do best and for me to be as close to the money as possible.

I want the money to flow through my hands, figuratively speaking, between the buyer and the seller. I want to step into the money stream and divert some of it into my bank account while adding value for my clients.

I want to operate my business from the comfort of my home office, and that business model lets me step into a money stream between a buyer and a seller. I only choose transactions that I can add value and I am paid fairly for that added value. That’s very close to the money and it’s where I want to be. I can “wheel and deal” across the country with my phone, FAX, email and internet connection.

In my humble opinion, expertise in real estate finance is the surest and quickest way to financial freedom by leveraging OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY, TIME and RESOURCES. The ultimate leverage is building a business that you organize a team of professionals to create wealth by delivering to society quality products and services. You are providing gainful employment to many people and creating wealth, which translates into prosperity for society. You can choose to be an expert in real estate.

To be an expert in real estate, first learn the fundamentals about real estate finance, especially about the various kinds of leverage. You won’t believe how many commercial real estate brokers CCIM (Certified Commercial Investment Member) I encounter every day that don’t understand fundamental financial analysis. I clear away all of the guesswork, and show you very simple math how to calculate capitalization rate, gross return on equity (also called the “cash on cash return”), and your true leverage that no CCIM has yet to explain to my satisfaction.

I will give you a hint right now, “The capitalization rate is determined by the cost and structure of available financing, and NOT by comparable sales.” If you don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t worry. I teach the concepts that you need to calculate the value of an income stream. I teach the exact mathematical formulae to calculate your required capitalization rate based solely on the cost and structure of financing. Once you know your required CAP rate, then you can go shopping for income properties that meet or exceed that CAP rate. I explain it very easily with clear mathematical formulae and examples.

Don’t worry about the math! I simplify all of it down to the bare essentials, and I put it into a set of spreadsheets for you! Or you can plug my formulae into your own spreadsheets! Then you just plug in the numbers and instantly see the answer. After you learn how to “run the numbers”, then you’ll learn very creative ways to step into the money stream that is flowing between buyer and seller.


Think about this: Suppose you had a “magic box” with 2 slots. Whatever amount of dollars that you put into slot #1, slot #2 pumps out twice that many dollars! You put $1 in slot #1, and then slot #2 pumps out $2. Now suppose that every time slot #2 pumps out dollars, you put all of those dollars back into slot #1? Suppose you put in $1,000 and got back $2,000? If you recycled those dollars 10 times, your $1,000 would grow to over $1,000,000!

That “magic box” is called “Pyramid Equity“. This is not a “pyramid scheme“. Pyramid Equity is about leveraging your created equity into more created equity. There are mathematical formulae for investing for doubling your equity in a safe way to minimize risk and maximize profits, while delivering value to society. With a business plan that is focused on pyramiding your equity and a strong work ethic, you can reasonably retire in 2 or 3 years with strong passive income. From there, you can leverage your passive income to generate more passive income. Just think how that would affect your family tree for generations to come!

Now what if that “magic box” sometimes doesn’t pump out any dollars? Sometimes a real estate project will fail due to circumstances beyond your control. I show the exact mathematical formulae to reduce your risk of losing money. In the event of a failure, you will still show a real profit and you can continue to build your business for your financial freedom. Without the fear of failure holding you back, and with the right “pyramid equity” investment structure, combined with your prudent judgment and skill, you can achieve financial freedom and retire in 2 or 3 years.

And here’s the really great thing about building a business, instead of running a business: You learn how to leverage OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY, TIME and RESOURCES. You can keep your day job, while you build your business, because other people are working for you as independent contractors to create wealth for you.


You’ve tried the phony “real estate guru” junk. You want real, practical information. No more gimmicks, games, or nonsense! You want laser-focused knowledge and a business plan that spells out what you must know and how to apply that knowledge.

Alright, I hear you! I’ve spent tons of money and hundreds of hours developing this informational product. It is designed specifically to get you out of the rat race in 2 or 3 years, while leveraging a professional power team. This product is both a business plan and a reference manual.

I will teach you:

  • The mathematical formulae how to pyramid your equity safely to minimize risk and maximum profits. Remember the “magic box”: Put $1 in, get $2 out.
  • How to calculate the right offer price for a rehab project to be sure that you and your private financiers get paid.
  • Time Value of Money (TVM) essentials. How to calculate the value of an income stream.
  • Advanced topics on using Option Contracts for buying or selling properties, and how to wholesale those option contracts.
  • How to calculate the value of a Cash Flow Note, how to buy and sell notes, and how to buy and sell properties with cash flow notes.
  • How to get paid to buy income properties for wealthy private financiers, and to get a percentage of ownership.
  • How to create a profit by finding properties with little to no equity and creatively selling those properties to buyers who cannot qualify for traditional financing. and you don’t need a real estate license.
  • How to negotiate with a motivated seller to achieve an ethical solution for you and the seller.

Basic business components:

  • Reprogram your thinking to see unlimited wealth potential and think like a WORLD CLASS WEALTH CREATOR.
  • Legal entities for asset management.
  • How to leverage Independent Contractors to create wealth for you.
  • Getting started with online marketing.
  • How to calculate the value of your marketing.
  • Finding and managing PRIVATE FINANCIERS. They can provide fast, flexible financing for your business and your real estate projects. I teach you how to offer a “piece of the action” so everyone wins. It’s a simple question that you can ask anyone to unlock all of the private financing you want.
  • How to use a Virtual Assistant to pre-qualify motivated sellers and to handle your marketing, while you work your “day job”.
  • How to negotiate with motivated sellers so that you get paid to solve their problems.
  • How to sell a rehabbed property 10 times faster than a Realtor using the “Reverse Open House”.
  • How to create your own equity and to generate monthly cash flow from properties that you don’t even own, without having a real estate broker license.
  • How to acquire free-and-clear cash flowing rental houses without caring about the institutional lender limit of 10 residential loans.
  • How to achieve infinite yield on an unlimited number of cash flowing apartment buildings or rental houses, that you own, using non-recourse instant financing.
  • How to find property managers to handle the daily details of managing your rental properties. They handle the tenants, toilets and turnover, and you deposit your checks into your bank account.
  • How to grow your business from wholesaling one contract per month to rehabbing and reselling 10 houses per month, while still keeping your “day job”.
  • A step-by-step detailed sample business plan that you can use or modify as you wish, that will show you how to start with as little as $2,500 of seed capital that you invest in your business (e.g., computers, software, cell phone, voice mail service, equipment, etc.) and then be able to retire in 2 or 3 years with $33,000 per month of tax-sheltered passive income. You don’t need all of the seed capital at the start. I explain how to earn $2000 in as little as 4 weeks with just $100 start-up capital. You can start small and grow by your profits, or bring in a private money friend to grow faster. After you retire, you continue to grow your passive income. You can use this business plan to stay in your current job, while building wealth with OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY, TIME and RESOURCES, and PLANNING YOUR ESCAPE TO FINANCIAL FREEDOM!
  • How to run this business from your home office by leveraging OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY, TIME and RESOURCES. You can run your business from your web browser on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart phone!
  • If your current market is not right for your goals, I explain how to research and then relocate to another market. If you can’t make money where you are now, then move somewhere else and hit the ground running!
  • How to wholesale bulk REO (foreclosures) and Non-Performing Notes, including an analysis spreadsheet and Word 2016 mail merge templates for a Letter of Introduction, a Letter of Intent (a non-binding risk-free proposal to buy the distressed asset), a Distressed Asset Opportunity letter to email blast to your wholesale buyers list, and a Master Fee Agreement to be sure that you are paid at closing. You don’t have to struggle with wholesaling one house at a time. You can wholesale 10, 20, 50 or more at a time!
  • How to leverage passive income for more passive income with minimum risk. In 10 years, you could have $132,000 per month of tax-sheltered passive income, and only the first 2 years are focused on active income.
  • How to give back to society in a constructive, prosperous way by self-sustaining charitable donations and by teaching others financial literacy from your own experience.

You get all of this and more in my thick, jam-packed (200 pages!) PDF special report, “How to Pyramid Your Equity to Create Wealth and Financial Freedom”. This report is designed for the “knowledge hungry” who want multiple investment tools in their “real estate investment toolbox”, and who have a strong work ethic that can focus on buying or building assets using other people’s money, time and resources. This can be your roadmap to financial freedom. It is both educational and practical. I teach the concepts and then I show how to apply those concepts for your entrepreneurial enterprise.

You also get these bonuses:

  • Important: All of my Microsoft macro-enabled software is only supported on Windows 10; not earlier versions and not Apple Macintosh. The Macintosh implementation of Microsoft 365 and Office 365 is broken. Microsoft refuses to fix their broken software. Sorry about that.
  • A collection of forms, in both Word 2016 and PDF format, for the wholesaling and rehabbing business.
  • A collection of Excel 2016 spreadsheets for calculating Customer Value, Marketing Value, Discounted Cash Flow Note Valuation, managing your list of your private financiers, and more.
  • Voicemail scripts.
  • A bibliography of specialty books for wealth creation that have helped me over the years.

The entire package is a set of zip files that you can download in just a few seconds.

Table of Contents

SpecialReport_PyramidYourEquity-p3 SpecialReport_PyramidYourEquity-p4 SpecialReport_PyramidYourEquity-p5 SpecialReport_PyramidYourEquity-p6

This special report is thick, jam-packed with 200 pages of powerful information.

You get my no-nonsense 60-day money back guarantee. If within 60 days of buying this product you are unsatisfied for any reason, then you will receive a full refund with no questions asked.

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Free updates for 12 months! During the next 12 months after you order, anytime that we add improvements to this product, we’ll send to you a fresh download link for free!

Why am I practically giving away this life-changing information? This is my way of giving back to society so that prosperity can radiate. This special report alone is worth hundreds of dollars, maybe thousands of dollars for you. I’ve set the price so low and provided a 60-day money back guarantee, because I don’t want the price to be a barrier to folks who can COMMIT to their success but are a little short on funds. I am providing the information and you are providing the effort. The learning curve is steep, but definitely worthwhile.

Now for some very straight talk: You have no inherent right to succeed. You only have the opportunity to try. I am not sharing your profits or losses. I am not responsible for you. You are where you are because of the choices you have made. Self-employment is the harshest test of your worth to society. Is that straight enough for you? If you are NOT a high-initiative, super-industrious, self-starting, no-quitting, mission-oriented individual, then this course is NOT right for you. If you want to wait for hours standing in line for the latest video game versus using those hours to build your business for financial freedom, then I cannot help you. Honestly speaking, in that situation, I don’t know what course would be right for you; maybe a course on how to pick lucky lotto numbers?

Please remember this: This is NOT a “no cash, no credit, no work” phony course. You must have a strong work ethic and a true calling to create wealth and financial freedom for yourself and your family. If you don’t have an MBA (Major Bank Account), I show you where to find cash and how to leverage it the right way. If you think that you don’t have time, then I can show you how to leverage other people so you can keep your day job. Your contribution to your success is your sweat equity to build your business by organizing and leveraging the right people who can create wealth for you.

But if you don’t have a strong work ethic, then you will fail everytime an apparent obstacle appears and you quit.

When I say strong work ethic, I mean a VERY STRONG WORK ETHIC. I want you dreaming about this business when you sleep. I want you reading my special report while you are on lunch break. I want you to print out the report, bind it, and then wear out a yellow highlighter while reading it. Write your own notes in the margins. When my report tells you to call 3 Realtors on Wednesday, then you call 3 Realtors on Wednesday, NOT Thursday or Saturday or whenever you can get around to it. I want you to turn off the video games and the TV, get off the couch and follow the plan. Got that?

If you cannot make that commitment to yourself, then frankly speaking, I don’t want you to buy this course, read a couple pages and stick it on the shelf because it involves you actually working to improve your life. This course is for action takers, not “maybe someday my ship will come in…” losers.

Here’s another shocking truth: Your current situation in life is exactly the way you want it. If you truly want a different situation, then you would do anything and everything it takes to achieve that different situation. Here’s your chance to change your situation forever.

So let me be clear: YOU MUST BE WILLING TO DEDICATE YOURSELF to doing whatever it takes to succeed, or else this course is NOT right for you. I can lead a horse to water, but I can’t make him drink. I can teach the success formula to you, but ONLY YOU are responsible for your success. The stakes for you and your family are too high for you to just dabble in this business.


You and the World Class Wealth Creators have something in common. You each have only 24 hours in each day. How you apply your limited time on this Earth will determine your outcome, and may very well solidify your family’s future for many generations to come.

Free updates for 12 months! During the next 12 months after you order, anytime that we add improvements to this product, we’ll send to you a fresh download link for free!

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You get the entire package for immediate download for only $397.

Jeffrey, your material is well written and explained in a way that makes you see the whole picture regarding buying and selling Real Estate. Your methods taught regarding the commercial real estate aspect are second to none. You give a complete break down on how to structure a deal as well as how to get the real numbers from the deal. I have both of your courses and I can say it was the best money spent on learning the Real Estate game from a real player. Jeffrey always updates his course material and he sends free updates regarding his strategies he is currently using. Thanks

P. Smith


Over 3 years ago, I purchased a Seminar and Boot Camp products from a well known “Guru” that was always attempting to sell me more products. I could never connect all the dot’s in their system and just didn’t understand why it wasn’t working for me. Then I purchased Jeffrey Smith’s “Ultimate Online Bargains” Educational Material for pennies on the dollar compared to the “Guru’s” products. The first benefit was that it was an intelligent approach to a logical process. I soon realized why the products from the “Guru” did not work for me. The “Guru’s” products were filled with “holes” in their information. I later found out that the “Guru” would reveal what was in those “holes” in their information for a few thousand dollars as a consultation charge. Jeffrey Smith’s educational material filled in those holes and things started to make sense. In addition, his customer service is second to none. There is no reason to waste time with those so-called “Guru’s”. I’m just glad I discovered the Ultimate Online Bargains when I did before I got into trouble with those other products. — E. Jones

My No-Nonsense 60-day Money Back Guarantee

If within 60 days of purchase, you are not completely satisfied with this software and document bundle, you can get a full refund with no questions asked!

Free updates for 12 months! During the next 12 months after you order, anytime that we add improvements to this product, we’ll send to you a fresh download link for free!

You are seconds away from downloading this life-changing package for only $397!

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P.S.: Nobody is coming to save you! Only you can change your situation. Accept responsibility for your situation and take action now to change your family tree for generations to come!

P.P.S.: I’ve spent tons of money and hundreds of hours over the few years to create this special report. I’ve done my part for your financial freedom. What are you willing to do for your financial freedom?

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