How to Pay Off Your Debts and Save Thousands of Dollars Without Going Deeper into Bad Debt, or Begging for a Bailout, or Getting a Second Job… Guaranteed!


My name is Jeffrey Smith, and I want you to be financially free from bad debt! If you are like the millions of other folks who are struggling with bad debt, then you know that bad debt is crushing you each and every day!

Are You Drowning in Debt?

Are your debts piling up? Have you maxed out your credit cards, taken on too much student loan debt, bought too much stuff on installment payments? After paying your living expenses and your debts, you have some money left at the end of month, but it doesn’t seem like much? You know there must be a way to power down your debt, but you don’t know how?

Introducing the Power Debt Plan spreadsheet

The Power Debt Plan is a Microsoft Excel 2007 macro-enabled spreadsheet. It is a powerful tool for calculating the optimal power payment plan for your debts. You can enter your debts into the software and quickly calculate how to pay off your debts and save thousands of dollars in interest.

You may have heard of the “Debt Snowball” method of paying off debts. This spreadsheet shows you exactly how to pay off your debts by “snowballing” your debt payments for the fastest, quickest debt elimination! You don’t need a second job to pay off your debts when you know how to snowball your debt payments. If you have extra income that you can commit to your debt elimination, this software will magnify the results!

It’s All About The Time Value of Money!

My mission is providing financial literacy for wealth creation! My books, articles, and software products are designed to teach the principles of financial literacy and wealth creation. Our public education system is not designed to teach us how to create wealth and financial freedom, but how to be an employee and seek job security with strict limits on income.

You can break free of your crushing debt by learning these simple principles of money management and using modern software tools. I include over 30 minutes of mp4 video tutorials that show you how easily and quickly this software can organize your debt for rapid debt elimination! You can save time and money by leveraging this software. In just minutes, you’ll have your debt under your control!

  • Fast spreadsheet calculation of the optimal payment plan, so you won’t have to use a cumbersome financial calculator and a messy stack of handwritten notes.
  • You debt accounts are clearly listed on the spreadsheet, so you can see your progress each month.
  • As you pay off each debt, the software automatically rolls that debt payment into the next debt account. This is snowballing on steroids!
  • The exact monthly payment for each debt account is calculated automatically for you, so you just write the check and send it off.
  • Quickly and easily add, delete, or edit each debt account, so you are in total control of your debt, instead of your debt controlling you!
  • Instantly see how much money you are saving on interest with the optimal payment plan!

The Great Recession has caused millions of people to refocus their attention on what is really important! Getting out of bad debt!

You hear about it in the news and other media, that this economy is stagnating, because people are afraid to spend money or borrow. Instead, they are saving money and paying down their bad debt. It’s all about financial literacy!

An asset puts money into your pocket and a liability takes money from your pocket. People are realizing that buying liabilities with debt is financial suicide! They are paying off their bad debt as quickly as they know how. You, too, can now quickly pay off your bad debt by getting educated and equipped with the right tools! Your income is your greatest asset. Learn how to leverage your asset to pay off your liabilities.

What’s It Worth?

If you could save thousands of dollars on interest by quickly paying off your bad debt, how much would you spend to get the right tool for that job? If you could save $10,000, would you pay $1,000 for the software? If you could save $50,000, would you pay $3,000?

How about saving $100,000 and only paying $9? Yes, that’s right! Pay $9 one time to get this sophisticated software that could save you $100,000 or more on your bad debt!

Here is what you get with your immediate download package:

  • Microsoft Excel 2007 macro-enabled PowerDebtPlan.xlsm spreadsheet. This spreadsheet performs all of the grunt work to calculate the optimal payment path.
  • Microsoft Excel 2007 Budget.xlsx spreadsheet for tracking your expenses and income. This spreadsheet shows you where your money is going, so you can get back in control!
  • Adobe PDF article on de-bunking mortgage accelerators.
  • Adobe PDF Quick Start Guide.
  • Over 40 minutes of mp4 video tutorials, including how to paydown your debt with other people’s money!
  • You see my spreadsheet in action!

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Order now for $9, download now, get started now!

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Order now for $9, download now, get started now!

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Order now for $9, download now, get started now!

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Order now for $9, download now, get started now!

Why am I practically giving away this powerful product?

  • There are just too many larcenous liars and predators out there selling high priced, useless mortgage accelerators to financially illiterate people.
  • Those useless mortgage accelerators are preying on financially illiterate people.
  • Those predators even recommend that you borrow the high cost of their product or service from a line of credit and thus start thousands of dollars deeper in debt! They even recommend using high cost revolving debt to pay down your low cost long term mortgage debt. That’s just plain stupid.
  • There is a big difference between good debt that makes money for you and bad debt that takes money from you. I want to show you the difference. It’s not rocket science, just the Time Value of Money (TVM).
  • I don’t want the price of this powerful product to be a barrier to your financial freedom from bad debt.

Don’t fall victim to the predators’ mortgage accelerator programs and software. The only way to pay less interest is to pay more principal. My spreadsheet calculates the optimal payment path to pay the least amount of interest, thus quickly paying off your debt by “snowballing” your payments as each debt account is paid off.

The predators have very enticing sales pitches, carefully developed to lure the financially illiterate into their trap. The last predatory sales pitch that I quietly sat through had a price tag of $3,500 as a one-time fee for perpetual access to a web-based program. The predators tell you to get a personal (signature) line of credit. Since you probably already have a lot of bad debt, you can expect to pay a high interest rate (that’s assuming that you can even qualify for yet another line of credit). Their useless software then advises you to shift debt from your low cost mortgage to the high cost line of credit! Trying to pay off low cost debt with high cost debt is just plain stupid!

The predators also have the nerve to suggest that you should pay the $3,500 price from your high interest credit line! As if paying extra interest with their worthless software isn’t bad enough, they want their customer to start with a $3,500 deficit on their credit line! If you have the cash available, then you would be served much better by just paying the $3,500 on your next mortgage payment.

Those predators don’t understand or don’t care about the Time Value of Money (TVM) when they tell you to borrow higher cost money to pay off lower cost money. They call that using their “Debt Weapons”, which are personal lines of credit. Borrowing from Peter to pay Paul is just plain stupid, because it is merely shifting debt from one account to another account.

The Federal government seems to think it can borrow money to pay off its debts, and yet the national debt continues to increase exponentially! That’s just plain stupid.

You don’t need more bad debt to pay off your bad debt. My spreadsheet calculates the optimal payment path using your available income. If you want to use good debt to pay off bad debt, then you must understand the power of leveraging good debt to pay off bad debt. Yes, there is such a thing as good debt, but most folks don’t know about it because our public education system doesn’t teach financially literacy. I teach you the difference between good debt that makes money for you and bad debt that takes money from you.

Very often, I see predators preying on financially illiterate people. The schemes are very savage and cruel, especially for young people. I see young couples attending the seminars of larcenous liars and wasting thousands of dollars that they definitely cannot afford to spend. The predators know that most financially illiterate people are usually maxed out on their credit cards. The first topic taught in the seminar is how to increase their credit card limit. The ulterior motive is to make room on the credit card so they can buy whatever is being sold at the seminar. These young couples are living paycheck to paycheck, probably raising very young children, and they get suckered into wasting their hard earned, precious money or getting trapped into an endless cycle of wasteful personal debt.

You can take control of your bad debt and create a plan for financial freedom, with this simple inexpensive Microsoft Excel 2007 macro-enabled spreadsheet.

My No Nonsense 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

If within 60 days of purchase, you are not completely satisfied with this software and document bundle, you can get a full refund with no questions asked!

Free updates for 12 months! During the next 12 months after you order, anytime that we add improvements to this product, we’ll re-activate your download link for free!

Your Debt Clock is Ticking!

Everyday, the interest is adding up on your bad debt. The longer you wait, the more money you will waste on interest payments. You can save thousands of dollars on interest payments, and this software package is available now for immediate download for only $9.

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You are your own mortgage accelerator! You just need to know the Time Value of Money principles and get the right tools to get started now! Your purchase is backed by my no-nonsense 60-day money back guarantee!

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P.S.: Remember, your debt clock is ticking right now! Take control of your crushing debt by getting the right tools! What’s it worth to you to save thousands of dollars on interest? Just $9 one time!

Order now for $9, download now, get started now!

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