Learn The Secrets To Reducing Your Loan Interest Rate and How Mortgage Brokers are Paid on the Back-End!



My name is Jeffrey Smith. Have you ever wondered how a lender can offer a reduced interest rate in exchange for a fee? It’s called a Rate Buy Down. Let’s say the lender wants an interest rate of 6.50% and you want an interest rate of 6.00%. The lender offers to reduce the interest rate to 6.00% in exchange for you paying a fee and the lender will allow an option for you to roll-in that fee to the total loan amount. I’ll teach you how to calculate the correct fee amount so that you know whether the lender is offering a good deal or a bad deal!

If you’ve ever worked with a mortgage broker to get a loan, then you may have heard about Yield Spread Premium. This a fee earned by the broker and paid by the lender, not you the borrower. This is how some mortgage brokers can obtain a loan for you without an origination fee from you. They are paid by the lender to handle the loan documents and to negotiate the loan structure. I’ll teach you how to determine how much the lender is paying the mortgage broker and how it affects the cost of your loan!

Have you ever had a buyer submit an offer to a seller, and that offer was too low for the seller to accept? Of course you have! One of the main reasons for a low offer is to keep the debt service (monthly payments) affordable. The Rate Buy Down is a critical negotiating tool for lowering the buyer’s monthly payments, while protecting the seller from a large discount on the price. I’ll teach you how to calculate the correct Rate Buy Down paid by the seller to reduce the buyer’s monthly payments to an affordable level. The cost savings to the buyer and seller are tremendous!

I have developed a quick and easy educational product that explains in simple terms how to calculate the correct Rate Buy Down to reduce your interest rate on your next loan, and how to calculate the Yield Spread Premium to calculate the hidden fee that your mortgage broker is earning from your loan.

I include two Excel 2007 spreadsheets to calculate the Rate Buy Down and the Yield Spread Premium. If you are a mortgage broker, then you’ll want to know how to determine whether the lender is offering a good deal or a bad deal on the Yield Spread Premium!

I include a 10-minute mp4 video presentation with PDF files for the slides, and the mp3 audio file. I explain the details of the calculations in easy terms with clear examples. You can watch it at your pace from the convenience of your computer.

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This information product reveals the mystery of Rate Buy Down and Yield Spread Premium.

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